Hey so you guys should ask me a question and ill respond to it by drawing you something via illustrator with my new tablet

ugh i need to have a professional photoshoot so i can have a professional icon like all the other professional bloggers 

i wonder if i unknowingly met any celebrities in my lifetime 

So i gave this kid like 30 bucks at the beginning of summer and i told him he better pay me back or else im going to sell his 14 carrot gold chain to someone for however much its worth and now hes avoiding me and its been 4 months so i guess im gonna sell his chain now, who wants to tell me how much this thing is worth? 

I tried putting it on a blank background to make it easier to see, not sure what brand it is either

I have a really bad habit of wanting everything when I’m broke and nothing when I’m not

I just learned that a sunset will give off a orange color when there’s a lot of pollution in the air.

I guarantee you, out of every sunset landscape picture I blog, there’s always at least some orange.

When are we gonna change our ways?

Being attractive is so fucking important in this world like if I ever decide to not make a living out of my mentality I can just be a stripper and still make over 100,000 a year and thats such an ugly truth

I wonder if people who name their kids Kale name them after the drug


Does anyone know where I can watch Scott pilgrim saves the world for free online? I wanna show it to my boyfriend because he doesn’t get the “I’m in lesbians with you” reference

I wish I had enough followers to where it’s expected of me to get paid for my internet fame

Ugh im procrastinating hard core right now im suppose to be writing my editor’s letter