I just learned that a sunset will give off a orange color when there’s a lot of pollution in the air.

I guarantee you, out of every sunset landscape picture I blog, there’s always at least some orange.

When are we gonna change our ways?

Being attractive is so fucking important in this world like if I ever decide to not make a living out of my mentality I can just be a stripper and still make over 100,000 a year and thats such an ugly truth

I wonder if people who name their kids Kale name them after the drug


Does anyone know where I can watch Scott pilgrim saves the world for free online? I wanna show it to my boyfriend because he doesn’t get the “I’m in lesbians with you” reference

I wish I had enough followers to where it’s expected of me to get paid for my internet fame

Ugh im procrastinating hard core right now im suppose to be writing my editor’s letter

Everyone has an awkward stage mine just so happens to be my entire life

Just so you know, you weigh less if you live near the equator than you do if you live near the north and south polls because of the velocity of earths rotation

Today I learned about a cloud type called Undulatus Asperatus and it is now my 2nd favorite word(s) to say because it sounds like a spell from Harry Potter used to untie asparagus